there is a butty mcgeek and a mcforeigner in all of us

You are right. It was blatantly obvious what he was saying.

please stop that, thats annoying

So is he but I don’t hear you shutting him down. That’s okay. I have things to do anyway.

you read a rare typed please by me and you think i try to shut you down? lol you always seem so quick to go on the defensive…

shutting anyone down is not my style: freedom of speech to all, when someone really spouts garbage i ignore it

anyways, i tried to inform you in a jokingly way that i do not like it when people tel me iam right

You are quick also. Let’s look again. Why did you immediately confront me about my comment to Daniel? Why didn’t you confront Daniel about his comment to me?

Only when I feel attacked. I used to turn the other cheek. I used to ignore and run the other way. I’m sorry if I don’t seem to have the control needed to communicate with someone who is deliberately putting me down.

Sure. I understand your inability to understand where I’m coming from. You aren’t on the receiving end of it. I’m sure you have been there for several years at some point in your life too so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you know what you are talking about.

You correct me and then tell me you don’t like to be told you are right. You confuse me with your way of thinking. Did you incorrectly correct me by demanding me, in the nicest way, to stop? Did you tell Daniel his smart remarks were irritating? I’m just asking because you seem to be leading the way for everyo…well I guess you aren’t really leading anyone but me.
You sort of remind me of a Sergeant in the military. Albeit, a very polite Sergeant.

hmm ok
its good you stand up for yourself
i wasnt trying to put you down or trying to correct you or tell you what to do or think or feel…

i shared with you what my intention and what the purpose was of what i typed, if you dont believe this then thats your choice

i didnt respond to daniels remarks because i didnt think they were smart at all, i thought it was hateful garbage

iam not a leader or a follower, iam just another human being reading the posts here choosing to comment and speak my mind and sharing my opinion on whatever topics i want to do so

i think you have very weird fantasies; iam definitely nothing like any sergeant of a military force, iam a pacifist and believe supporting violence is evil and there are only losers in wars

I can confirm that thinki is nothing like a sergeant in the military.

please stop that, i find agreeing with me also to be very annoying

I find thinki to be quite disagreeable.

It’s good news Biden is crashing but it’s bad news Bloomberg is rising.

I have tomorrow off. I took it off to vote. I also have to drive my sister to court, which should not be fun. Mixed day. I assume it won’t be as nuts as the midterm elections, since less than half the town will vote.

I guess most people don’t like voting, but I always have.

I don’t like Bloomberg either. He’s barely a democrat. He doesn’t seem as dumb as Joe. Probably be in 2nd place in no time. Funny, considering how awful he will do in the 1st 2 states.

Warren really should drop out if these polls are accurate. She’s in 4th place in her neighboring state. Buttigieg is ahead of her in NH.

Bloomberg doesn’t look tall enough to be president either. I think they put an amendment in that you need to be at least 5’8."

Oh. He is 5’8." Nevernind. I was kidding, anyways but you foreigners wouldn’t be surprised about anything we do here.

He’s 77. Looks amazing for his age actually. I didn’t even think he was 70.

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Her best moment. Destroying this fake democrat. He dropped out the next day.

Bernie became mayor of burlington Vermont in 1981. They had a fake 4 term democrat incumbent as mayor that would just do whatever the Republicans asked. They didn’t even have a Republican running against the incumbent that year. There was another progressive that dropped out, so he wouldn’t steal Sanders’s votes. He won by 10 votes. 10. And there was no Republican running. Just a fake Democrat. It would be cool to see him win the primary. I can’t tell you how much he is loved in Vermont unless you see it there for yourself. A lot of people really like Vermont. It is becoming more diverse. At least Burlington is to my surprise. They have excellent pizza and hard cider. I’ve heard their beer is excellent but I wouldn’t know. Tons of yoga. It’s too cold and snowy. Even for me. I have pretty much no snow now. We got 23 inches in early december and probably 20 after that total. In 70 days, 20 inches. A nice winter. 2 in a row actually.


Maybe joe is purposely trying to act dumb as it doesn’t seem like you need to be smart at all to be president. Dumb it down. Sort of speak.