Speaking of which diet sodas seem bone weakening.

I hope not. I drink a lot of diet Coke.

Almost all battles are won by those who can eat the most.

Eating is already half the battle if not more.

While I wouldn’t phrase it that way, it is true that almost all ground wars are won by the side that can maintain military supply, especially food and water.

I just thought of Sun Tzu’s Art of War and wondered if he had any thoughts on this. Sure enough in Chapter 6 (pertinent verses only):

Sun Tzu said: Whoever is first in the field and awaits the coming of the enemy, will be fresh for the fight; whoever is second in the field and has to hasten to battle will arrive exhausted.

Therefore the clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy’s will to be imposed on him.

If the enemy is taking his ease, he can harass him; if well supplied with food, he can starve him out; if quietly encamped, he can force him to move.

Starved, exhausted, superimposed on. Yeah sounds like me.

Got bugs?

Let’s not forget Sun Tzu was a mighty warlord.

I don’t see how that pertains to this thread unless you are in the habit of taking out warlords…any under your belt?

I don’t care at all about staying on topic, Mark.

Did you appoint anyone a forum moderator here?

No. There is no such concept in Discourse.

Would you grant me the authority to exercise such power here?


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Yeah my D’s bigger I know.

You’re an incel.

What about cutting ties to the KKK?



No, Mark, I don’t.