If you aren’t invested in this, you are missing out.

P.S. I lost my privilege to change titles or I wouldn’t have created a new and unnecessary thread.

you must have abused the privilege.

I think you both know this but I did nothing. Whatever algorithm decides this continues to decide it.

I’ve never abused anything in my life. Don’t you wish you could say the same.

Elon Musk threw us under the bus on SNL. It was just a hustle.

aww… well maybe he was simply creating a nice dip… time to buy buy buy? lol

That is the plan isn’t it. It’s just that it was live TV and I think we just expected something different out of him. It is a hustle though, even a joke, like Trump.

hmm no idea…

ok i just watched it and no i didnt expect anything else…
elon (awkwardly) reading specially prepared lines from a teleprompter to get attention and trying to be funny to entertain the public… fun fun fun?

personally it made me cringe but am sure all the millions that watched loved it and the ratings will be sky high

Good for them but I didn’t love it. I watched the numbers fall and it made me cringe too. Musk did give us fair warning though. I think we were just holding out hope that somehow there would a positive outcome and maybe there will be but it was just such a gut wrenching moment that, in a way, makes Musk just like every other self-absorbed billionaire.
The future of Dogecoin may be in the hands of Bezos anyway. If he were to accept it as a form of payment for Amazon purchases, Dogecoin would go to $100.00 and Musk would be an middle-finger afterthought.

advertisement nonsense

Advertisement nonsense? I don’t think I understand.

I’m so sorry, thinki. A power higher than myself prevented me from deleting more than 2.

am sorry you felt you had to delete anything

Am sorry you felt the need to dictate what I post.

i dont feel that need nor did i dictate what you or anyone else should post…

Oh, I should assume I advertised nonsense by even suggesting it as a truth.

you can assume anything you want and even believe its truth

Great, I’ll assume I’m talking to a robot.

A rare case where Nico makes sense. You can post Dogecoin stuff. He can call it advertising nonsense. Neither is harming or impeding the other.