Dear Fat People

When you said you were multitasking, I was just trying to mess with you because I knew you had to keep a straight face with your wife around. When you didn’t say anything else, I thought I said something wrong. That’s why I kept pushing for a clearer answer.

I sure enjoyed the intercourse we had last night Michelle.

Awesome! Wanna do it again? lol

Too late for me tonight. But soon.

You’re no fun! lol

That was some exercise last night. Sort of draws a picture. Which I do find a little disturbing and not at all the way I looked at myself until just very recently. Which makes me wonder what you have in store next…Friend!
No, I have killed friendlier snakes. Why don’t you have some more intercourse with your real friends, Cocksucker!

Oh my. You seem upset.

What seems to be the problem Michelle?

Whatever do you mean? You seem like the flaccid dick in Reggies POM.

What’s wrong? Aren’t you having fun?

You don’t want to play anymore?

Time to change bait, Dick!

Wait, what? There’s a dick in my POM?

Oh geeze is it time for a personality shift so soon?

Are you seeing dicks Michelle?

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Do they talk to you?

Are you having intercourse with dicks?

That’s right! A dick told me last night that he is not my enemy. You’re a lying dick!

I resent that! I am not a liar.

Fuck You , liar!