Darwin Awards

Pilot should get runner-up.

You have to die to win a Darwin Award. The pilot is fine.

Oh. Didn’t know that.

It doesn’t have to be a “natural death”? So your d.o.b. does not effect ranking?

How could he breathe with that air? You have to overcome that air force to breathe.

I have to wonder why he held on to the plane when he was wearing a parachute. Did he go into panic mode and forget?

The plane was in a spin (which you would have thought the pilot would anticipate with such a ridiculous weight distribution on the wing). He might not have been able to let go. Gross stupidity on the part of the pilot.

d.o.b.? What are you talking about?

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Ok, now I understand your frustration with the pilot.

date of birth. There is a generational bias and prejudice that has been growing, it is also becoming an arrogance.
Not the government or dobermint.

I think that has always been the case each generation thinks the other is full of shit.

No, it has something very specific to a certain individual here. A re-enforced self statement triggering prejudice self iterated everytime wth prejudice towards others here before this individual responds to them or acknowledges them.

Notice how I get “ignore” a lot? Somebody wants to match a date first.

Not even one of these fully formed sentences makes any sense to me at all. It’s all so very vague.

Reggie’s birth year. He gives gravitas based on that foremost.


Wolfgang Gullich died falling asleep driving. 26 years ago.

I don’t understand doing things like that. If you want to die, there are easier ways.

Well that is just as good if not better than the vaccine. Do you like people watering down your viruses?

I read and learned in lectures human DNA was 97% similar to chimpanzee which seems odd. I also read human DNA is 7% constituted from past incorporated viruses. Some humans seem to know this by instinct and try pick up anything to maintain genetic cohesion and stop breakdown.