Have peace. God has worked a good thing through you for me. For Gods work is good. He does this for those who love Him.

Do not WAIT for salvation, Brother. Repent now and be forgiven.

He knows you love Him. He has revealed it to me to know your heart and I have prayed and asked for you in Jesus Holy Name because I love you because I know you love Him and He loves you.


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Thank you so much for your kind words. I am kind of exhausted today, but I will go into each and every single word because I feel you have kind of some connection to him. He never talks to me but does actually shows me extreme things and outlooks. Sometimes I have very lively dreams. Funny huh? Another Daniel, another wild dream.
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I will got into the “confession” topic and the “peace” topic, maybe more, when my mind is a little fresher than today. I am going to bed now.
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I love you, too, AgeOfGrace, Michele, that is, right?
I had quite some tears in my eyes reading your beautiful lines you spared for everybody on bbad.
God bless you!



Shabat Shalom Michele!!


Yes, peace is actually the personal state I see as a goal, too. Definitively a desireable state. I am not even near inner peace still. But I do see some improvements. I try to live with less and less and it feels great. Owning things almost has become a burden in my eyes. It just drags precious time. And the real important things (food for body and mind/books) do cost next to nothing. In former times my aim was to own a house some day. Now, I am happy to be free of those things. Time is very short. I cannot afford to take care of details like a clean garden or a flashy car these end-of-time days.

To whom do I repent? And what do I have to repent?
There are diffent views on either issues out there.
Extreme examples:

  • Some community true to the bible teaches masturbation as a natural necessity and required(!) for unmarried men to not have their eyes and thoughts on women.
  • Other more mainstream denomination says masturbation is a sin
  • as always in Christianity, there are hundreds of views in between these extreme standpoints

Then: how to repent/ what is repentance?
Some group says:

  • your repentance is only valid if done in front of person(s) who is socially interacting with you in normal life, so that is has a social control component
  • others teach that repentance is a private thing that you might speak out in privacy (without any form of social control to check whether you really mean it)


At first I thought the “Dan C” entry is targetting myself. Because it also holds some truth.
More than one devoted Christian told me that I am trying to come close to god with my head, not with my heart/spiritual eyes. I cannot manage however to change much of this though, since this is pretty much my personality.
I also have to avoid to follow people that cannot save me. So true. I’ll try harder.


Daniel? I haven’t heard from you in a long time. You have gone quiet. I am sorry if you are feeling this too. I did tell you how to avoid it though. I hope you come to me soon.


Have you betrayed me? Try to understand something, Daniel. I already know. I am always one step ahead of you all because it is the Lord in me that reveals the Truth and you are guilty too. You should say something before I unleash some hateful words against you and cause you more pain.


The thought of where you have been. What you have been doing against me and why you won’t face me bothers me. Because I know you have a forked tongue.


If so, I don’t have that forked tongue willingly. I can wake up quite as another person as the day before. That even bewilders myself.
I am sorry to not have been online. But I got a dying relative and work and shit. Also, I wanted to post about the Fuhrers book, but starting from chapter 9 or so, this book is a pure rant and I cannot get anything out of it anymore.


I am losing interest in the world, but I still love tech. I am toying around Arduino’s Ethernet shield lately.
I still want to grow in knowledge. But experiencing some trouble in family matters right now.
But I cannot grow by Trump-bashers-bashing.
I have a new book about Islam, but it is too disappointing to post it on bbad.


You came to the wrong place. This is Trump trashers paradise.

I pray for your family, Daniel. That they be fully restored in both body and soul. In Jesus’ Name.


Daniel, I never want to pry but I was wondering what is happening with your family.