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Calm down, Bill. Nobody gives a shit. Just relax.

He does seem a little uptight. It makes me wonder why he’s so mad all the time. Maybe his mother was a boozer and his daddy…jail?

For the record, I didn’t change the title of the thread. Apparently I was wrong. Someone else did give a shit. Wasn’t me.


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what kind of shit lets other people change what i type?
loose, i guess

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Bill, this site is a hobby for me. I use software called Discourse. I didn’t write it although I did heavily customize it with things like the POM. I doubt I could write anything so elaborate from scratch, but even if I could, I wouldn’t as there’s no money in it. I use what they have and am grateful that it doesn’t cost me much.

If you want to freak out over whatever minor complaints you have with that software and do a drama exit, that’s your right. Delete your own posts if you want. For what it’s worth, I think your life would be better if you realized these freak-outs you do don’t benefit you much.

Will you cry?

Do you want a bucket to cry into or a pisspot? Glad to see you go Motherfucker.

Billy, taken to the ground by code. not the first.

why can’t i change your topic titles?
is that the minor complaint you foresaw?

You are impotent

It is a stupid “feature” in the software. They won’t change it. See this thread from 4 years ago.

by the way you are an asshole

No, the link makes it clear if you trouble to read it. You have to earn the “Regular” badge to edit topic titles, which Michele has done. I don’t know how to earn that badge. I’m assuming it’s a combination of time and posts. If you care, you can search the link and find out exactly. Anyway, I asked her to quit editing them. She may or may not comply.

To me, editing titles is just as (but no more) asinine as editing people’s quotes.

Well, there’s the problem. You have to EARN it. Something you’re not used to doing. Put the spike back in and nod off.

I actually totally understand and agree with the irritation over that “feature”. It’s stupid to let people edit other people’s topic titles in my opinion. It’s just that:

  1. I can’t do anything about it. They wrote the software and they like it that way.

  2. Bill’s not in a good moral position on this since he edits other people’s quotes.

Untrue. I looked up what it takes to become a “Regular”. Everyone is free to reach that level and edit topic titles. I hope nobody will abuse their status by doing so but I can’t/won’t stop them if they do.

I just started working with discobot. With a trust level. I didn’t know about the likes.

I changed it. I earned that privilege. I’ve even lost that privilege once. Yes it can be lost.

You’re right. It doesn’t make a difference. You’re being petty and your mouth is loose.
I don’t care about your silly titles. But since I do possess this privilege and you are completely heartless, I will be monitoring the vulgarity level of your titles, just because I can.