20 years old crapware
using 70 yr old teen space operas
to make a point

i’ll bet your mom could tell us stories about what laundry day was like on star trek day
did you notice the recently raped and abducted space yeoman had not a hair out of place?

The system marked this post as spam and I just noticed it when I checked for updates. It was left in the spam queue for a couple of days. I just approved it, not that this gibberish represents any great contribution to humanity.

can’t we all just play computer games?
yeoman rand really gets my warp drive spinning
they should write a book
kanye west could write it
then not read it

i’m really serious here
you can tell cuz i just typed that
been wondering a lot lately
how do you advertise 20 year-old crapware?
stay at bbad! you’ll have bedsores on your ass.
bbad! we’ve got things others have, only less…
bbad…it was out-of-date when it was released.
bbad! the Zone without the sysops but with sysops
bbad. unchanged in over two decades
bbad! same ol same ol just another day move along now nothing to see here folks

no wonder you couldn’t advertise it
the fault horatio is in your stars