3 to 10 years. Too long! It’s a state prison. What a waste. That money could be used on something useful, as well as the prison cell.


I can’t agree more. If you base this on the absurd concept of “justice”, it’s fair. If you base it on what’s right for the human race, it’s ridiculous.


So letting a serial rapist go free is what’s right for the human race?


Let him go, yes, in the sense that I don’t believe in prison as a form of punishment except where public safety is at stake (which is certainly not the case here). I would find another way to punish him that doesn’t involve incarcerating people (which as far as I can see almost never achieves anything). Perhaps make him give half his fortune to his victims.


I see your point but unfortunately all we have is the system we have in place. So fuck him. Seriously you guys, fuck him.


He seems like an awful person.

Our justice is based on punishment. Not what is best for society.


I wonder if he applied blackout pressure techniques. :thinking: