lol yesss take your temperature now and stick it in deeply… how does that feel?

Think hasn’t confessed to old boyfriends. I don’t think you should label him that way but whatever. You heard em’, thinki. He called you queer.

lol so it IS an old boyfriend

lol the truth is there for all to see, he was replying to himself

wouldnt surprise me at all;)

ah interesting, the uk is easing up on the lockdown after all:

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Have you seen the movie The Ring?
Whydon’t you post some photos of yourself and send us a videotape?

I can see your Halo.

no i skipped that remake and also it sequels, did you see the original japanese film ringu?

i also skipped that one lol

i dont post pictures or a video of myself because iam not exhibitionistic

i have no halo and also dont like that video game

Sorry I don’t have a working VCR anymore, I think I might with still have access to one built in to an old tv…but why bother?

because old technology and devices can be cool and expensive
one of my old record players or jukebox would be quite nice to have now

A pinball machine would be nice.

yes or a sjoelbak lol uhm shuffleboard? do you have those things there?


Some bars might still have one. Or maybe fooseball.

ah back in the time lol the good old days

Damn right sonny! When men were men.

ok let me find my mobile phone and feel less old lol

I’ll get my rotary dial.

lol afbeelding