interesting, the brits expected to hear that their corona lockdown was going to ease up starting this sunday, instead they get a new corona alert system

All the more reason we should have taken the masks.

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We’ve always been short of masks.

i would say mostly a lack of empathy and reasoning

Let me help Michele -
He is saying with the breakdown of the rule of law you become one of those shithole countries your fuhrer dismisses.

I also didn’t mention that he is going to testify before Congress as well.

That fact that no one is there and he will be tested daily (and should be tested hourly) is a irrelevant. He should be called and called and called until he reaches for his phone and answers the call of his self-appointed badgering contact tracers.

relevant enough for you to leave it out;)

lol you dont like strangers calling you to check up on ya?
do they phone you at specific times or also wake you up at night?

I left it out because it wasn’t pertinent to the matter. Can I call it a matter? haha jk. It’s a very offensive issue to Americans that are sitting at home watching the clock.

They call every morning. They ask the same questions about all the symptoms (There are more than what is listed on Google) and I’m required to take my temperature. It’s usually a boiling 98.6 when I leave here every morning.

We don’t have that here.

sounds great; free wake up calls, i think its a very nice service for the elderly

Probably just one of your old boyfriends.

lol yesss take your temperature now and stick it in deeply… how does that feel?

Think hasn’t confessed to old boyfriends. I don’t think you should label him that way but whatever. You heard em’, thinki. He called you queer.

lol so it IS an old boyfriend

lol the truth is there for all to see, he was replying to himself

wouldnt surprise me at all;)

ah interesting, the uk is easing up on the lockdown after all:

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Have you seen the movie The Ring?
Whydon’t you post some photos of yourself and send us a videotape?

I can see your Halo.