Masks smells too doesn’t it?

Trying to build up my tolerance and make it better for me. So far it just makes it better for me with others, more so making others better.

I buy coffee and various drinks for that special magic, to get it better it helps to make something at home boring yourself. I still seem to get more coffee from one drink than two dozen people can with orders and self brewed. This little hand operated maker makes coffee quite well with no grounds in the coffee. Trick is to push down and feel pressure. When the pressure builds let up and pull up and wait and then push down a few more centimeters and feel for pressure buildup. Takes about 15 minutes for good coffee and the water is best at not maximum temp while brewing. Less acid. I used a sweetener that already had black coffee fused in. No ice cubes but those cubes are cold as is the whole drink now.
image image image image image image image image image image

What I started with.

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Looks great, Mark.

I have to brush my teeth soon and do an oil pull.

I love Vietnamese coffee. I drink instant at home, though. I honestly don’t care about the slight difference in taste.


Yes, yes it is most environmentally friendly.

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I quite enjoyed this video, even though I don’t care about coffee. I mean, I like coffee. I just don’t sweat it. Any coffee is fine for me, including instant. This guy is British and annoying (I know, redundant) but it’s fun to watch him somehow.

didnt even know they had aldi in the uk… thats very germanish
surely real british men drink tea!