Climate Change

Thank God I’m old.

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To this woman climate change means time is running out so we need to eat the babies.

The Left is creating a climate of fear. Even children are experiencing anxiety over it.

Soon they will (re-)introduce full scale child sacrifice.
Worshipping weather god Tammuz has already been re-established in the babylonial west.
What can possibly go wrong from now on…

I also consider ignoring climate change to be equivalent to sacrificing children’s futures.

Are You a believer in Tammuz, too? Or do You consider climate change to be a result of the sun burning hotter possibly due to the lord’s judgement day incoming due to sexual sins staking up to high heaven?


Messianic preachers like EndzeitreporterMcM do consider this option.
Rev 16 speaks of SEVEN vials/bowls of the wrath of God to be spilled onto the earth in the end-of-times

No, I believe the prevailing opinion that climate change is caused by humans, primarily in the form of carbon emissions due to burning fossil fuels.

Because of sin (gay parades, following false gods, abortion, not following the bible…etc.) they are said to be spilled by seven angels. One particular bowl (vial/bowl number #4 ) is to be spilled onto the sun so the sun will burn more intense


I dislike the sodomy parades, too. Tell me, Daniel, why do you like obese women? Surely this is a mental illness.

…wait… I am intenting hard right now to get the message across. Jesus. I am making a point here and You talk about fat chicks…

Rev 16:8-9 tells that men and earth alike will be scorched with fire because of all the blasphemy

It further tells that we repented not to give him glory.

The might be climate change in the end-of-times, but not because of some crazy carbon dioxide, but because of unrepented sins!!!
Are You taking into account the sun becoming increasingly hotter? It is because of the bowl of the wrath of god number #4.
I mean, it is a possibility!!!


also check out
Psalm 21:10
Isaiah 9:18
Nahum 1:6

To marry an overly obese woman is not a sin according to the bible AFAIK!

German video source about the possible biblical truth about climate change


Well, lusting after fat chicks is a sin, too, and extremely weird.

No, but her becoming obese is a sin. Her body is a temple of God which she has desecrated.

No but fucking a goat is.


Leviticus 18:23 Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion.

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We’ve come a long way from climate change.

You have to admit, fornicating with a goat is an environmentally friendly recreation which creates no waste or carbon emissions.

True though there may be noise pollution.

And possible long term mental scarring of any witnesses.

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