Cleveland Indians

when i was a kid we played cowboys and indians
nobody cared what side they got picked for
now it’s cowboys and baseball team TBA

The Washington Redskins are also getting a new name.

I suggest the Cleveland Nonbinaries and the Washington Genderfluids.

Washington cocksuckers and cleveland escapees.

The Washington Browns and the Cleveland Bakerskins.
Standing in the nosebleed*. I love you Baker!!!

biden tweeted an executive order that the dallas cowboys would henceforth be called
the dallas vegetablepeople
but he didn’t use capslock

you think that’s funny? It’s not.

you people are lazy
i put it right out there in front of you
nobody got it
oh yeah i forgot my moma is fat

man reg you need more people here than the 3 that voted in my poll

I used to agree with that. I wanted BBAD to be huge when I started it. FB for smart people talking about important issues with no censorship and all that. I learned. Now I’m totally happy for it to be about 10 people posting nothing that really matters.

with an occasional spammer

Winstar is the official casino of the Dallas Cowboys with a new Dallas Cowboys vegetable-serving Restaurant opening in place of the previously booming, now gone out of business (probably because of the coronavirus) Toby Keith Bar and Grill.

i deduce from gracie’s complaints that there is a limit of 3 consecutive posts
i say that number is about ten

Yes, I changed that limit recently because of you. It’s a net positive. Forces people to contain their thoughts into fewer posts.

BTW, the name won’t change until 2022 at the earliest.

Cleveland has the most boring names for their teams. I hope they change their name to the Cleveland baseball team.

The Cleveland Pinks. It would not only please the LGBTQ people but would nicely match the Cleveland Browns in naming the team after a colour.

i made you do that?
i can hardly contain myself

try a diaper

You didn’t make me do that, Bill. My wording was “I changed that limit recently because of you”. For a guy who complains about intellectual laziness, you sure can be intellectually lazy.

i did something once because