Classy Death

I don’t know anything about this woman but I respect the classy way she has faced death. She will lose her fight, as we all will, but she has fought well.




wb Bill. ty for not spamming.

spamming is not allowed


is it like classy loose shit?
cuz that i understand

You understand labeling what you don’t understand.



i got this brother
teaching down in south america
4 or 5 years now, maybe ten by now, i don’t know, who keeps track of those things?
nobody’s heard from him since this covid disruption, maybe 6 or 8 months now
if you get time on this 3 day layover in south america
could you ask around?
he goes by “dave the gringo”

Dave the gringo. Got it. Will he answer if we call out to him by name or should we should whistle for him? Asking for a friend.

Only a teacher down in South America.

I bet he took his mask off and lost his breath. I’ll keep looking.

lady across the street was only home for one half hour on christmas
they took her in an ambulance at 12:30 am december 25
bleeding in places people can’t
she isn’t coming home again

At least she made it home one last time. Her pain has now ended.

My beloved wife
My love is gone she suffered long
In hours of pain
My love is gone
Now my suffering begins
My love is gone
Would it be wrong if I should
Surrender all the joy in my life
Go with her tonight?

I thought you disliked your wife, Bill. Or am I remembering this wrongly?

Yes but we know we can’t stop you. Hugs* You will be missed. Seeyalaterbye!


lol thats not quite what i meant when i said try to be nice…

Some things never change.