Christopher Hitchens

how did the last name in this topic get capitalized?

I did that. I thought it was an error. If you want, I’ll change it back. Odd choice.

i NE

You capitalized his first name but not his last name. It was ugly.

How COULD he?

It was like “Christopher hitchens”. Very upsetting.

I shuddered.

i we

Yeah I heard him lamenting
“It weeps and droops”



Do you fight a lot and if so, how has that worked out for you?

Michele, are you changing the threat names? It would be kind if you’d stop that.

No, I haven’t. Not one threat. Once a threat, always a threat I always say.

i’m sorry
i used the word “jarring” in an earlier post to another topic title
i meant to type “error” and include a period

I thought I would take a page from our resident alcoholic and post the same thing in more than one thread.

which is funny because that way i can see 2 times the message that your video cannot be played lol

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I guess if you can’t play it, it wasn’t meant for you.

well i could if i searched for the text i see when i hover my mouse over the icon that says i cant play it, but this is more entertaining to me

In that case, the clip is a question in different accents.