Christmas Music



I dislike most Christmas music. At least 90%.



An original by Ivy Levan.


Apparently, I like Christmas songs sung by African Americans. 4 out of 5 so far.


I had to listen to Michael Buble sing Darlene Love’s song in Target the other day. As usual, he sang it with no emotion at all. Perhaps, because he didn’t write it or feel it. It was a VERY dull performance.


I can’t stand that guy’s music. As a point of civic pride, I wish to note he is not from Vancouver. He is from Burnaby, not Vancouver. Totally different.


lol. He’s really bad. Every song sounds the same an he has the same pace and tone no matter what song it is.





Never can have too much Tom Waits.


That guy is depressing.


Suits my mood.



Still listening to those guys after all these years? I’ve read that your music doesn’t change must after 30.


They’ve had a break and did some bad covers like most Vegas bands but man…a favorite is a favorite. Mainly Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats is my group now


Never heard of them. I’m slightly over 30. lol.


I believe that.


Here’s one for my friend Michele.


I love Johnny Cash but the ending to this song left me feeling sad for you. Perhaps you should let Jon pick the songs in the future.