China's Artificial Sun

Anyone who buys the cliché about China just copying other people’s tech without innovating themselves simply hasn’t been paying attention.

I had no idea we were that close to fusion. I thought it was a pipe dream. What materials do they use to contain 100million C?

Just remember, they’ve been saying fusion is around the corner for at least 40 years that I can remember. I have no idea how they contain that temperature and I doubt they’ll be telling us anytime soon. lol.

Seems like I remember a couple of “fusion” machines turning out to be hoaxes.

Sounds a lot like the dilemma of the Horta from Star Trek (classic older star trek). Yes I can sense your attempt at seduction.

Just a thought here. I bet Marks ass could contain those high temperatures. After all the abuse it’s been through it might be a relief to the poor fellow.

Don’t tattoo my name on anything of yours.

Too late! I already tattooed it on my dogs ass.

China continues to show it has game.