People want relations at any cost. You will.

I think we will see more. Chinese companies operating in Africa and South America come in promising to raise the standard of living for the population but end up exploiting the natives and living in exclusive communities. They do not assimilate.

Well what the hell is this all about? Why would the Chinese attack Australia?

This is just bizarre. The US administration, which campaigned on a ban of Muslims entering the US, and which implemented that ban over and over again until it passed the Supreme Court, now sanctions China for persecuting Muslims.

oh no! this is outrageous and will finally turn ageofgrace against trump!

Expect China to ban Twitter. The net is fragmenting dramatically. It is far less of a worldwide web than it was ten years ago.

Even China is doing better on the environment than the USA.

Nobody believes trump anymore.

It’s honestly amazing what Trump has done to US credibility. When Obama said stupid things, and he did (such as his silly speech on exceptionalism), people felt the need to respond and argue the case. Now Trump says stupid things and people just say “oh, it’s Trump, let’s wait until one of the adults in the room talks”.

It’ll be interesting to see where that goes. Right now, when Biden says anything, stupid or otherwise, people say, “sorry, did you say something, Grandpa?”. It should be better for him when he’s president. If he’s president.

Careful. That implies you once believed him.

What’s not amazing and even disappointing is what Trudeau has done to Canadian credibility.

Now all anyone can do is cringe.

I can’t argue with this. No one is challenging Biden’s undeniably global authority. But then, in a Harris-Biden ticket, who is listening to Biden anyway.

China’s Nazi tactics against Uighurs exposed.

If the United Nations is going be effective in their globalization efforts, they absolutely must hold China accountable.

“Trump, a frequent critic of the United Nations, also said in the excerpts that if the UN is to be effective, it must focus on “the real problems of the world” like “terrorism, the oppression of women, forced labor, drug trafficking, human and sex trafficking, religious persecution, and the ethnic cleansing of religious minorities.”

Ok he said that. Yippee. What has he done about any of those things? That’s right, nothing. His executive orders saying they should stop count as nothing.

The problem is that if China gets away with this, what else will they think they can do? They are not above the law. If the United States released a virus on the world, our punishment would be swift and multilateral. Do you really think China should be allowed to do what is forbidden in Canada?

I don’t think China should get away with any of the things they’re doing, including originating viruses (whether by accident in bat markets or on purpose in labs), oppressing Uighurs, or turning into a modern Nazi state where people are abducted and imprisoned (and sometimes killed) for no reason at all.

My only disagreement with you is that I refuse any suggestion that Trump has done anything at all about any of these things. His tariffs were economically motivated, not punishment for their behaviour. He has no morals and doesn’t care at all if they oppress their people and throw Uighurs in concentration camps. All he cares about is that the tariffs are fair between the countries.

He has also done nothing at all about human trafficking. His executive orders saying “human trafficking bad” count as nothing.

Edited to add this:

Im glad you feel that way because Trump is not going to let them get away with anything.

The Trump administration imposed sanctions on three CCP officials just a couple of months ago.

Mike Pompeo put out a statement about it saying, “The United States will not stand idly by as the CCP carries out human rights abuses targeting Uyghurs, ethnic Kazakhs and members of other minority groups in Xinjiang, to include forced labor, arbitrary mass detention and forced population control, and attempts to erase their culture and Muslim faith,”

What economic motivation? It’s China’s tariffs that have prevented the United States from trading with the world.

If Trump had no morals, tariffs against China would not have been necessary.

How selfish of him to want fair and reciprocal trade between countries.

One of his first actions was against a traffickers personal property. If Trump would sign an Executive Order against China for bullying, Melanie would already have China in submission. Unfortunately, it’s a man’s world. War is a man’s game and destruction is the end goal, which is probably why Trump is about to appoint a woman of faith to the Supreme Court.

What’s your least favorite country?

What’s your favorite country?

I don’t have a favorite. My least favorite is probably Russia or saudi Arabia. But probably russia. I did not like Israel. They are my top 3. I didn’t put north Korea here because there might be little wrong with the people that live there. As opposed to the other 3.