I will never forget that clip.


LOL! Nor should you. A salute to the good old days of BBAD. I hope it stays.

“You inbred . . . inbred”!


Language, bbaders!!!
We call these people “chicken lovers”, not the nasty f-word.


I really think that clip is the height of cinematic excellence. One doesn’t quibble about rude words when encountering such genius.


True art.


Today I visitied a friend’s farm, tempted by the chickens.
Now, a few beers later, I am listening to this chicken abomination of poultrygeist.

These chickens ain’t cool,
these chickens ain’t nice…


Ah, so you WERE tempted by the chickens


tak tak tak tak, taktarrrak.

You started the chicken-lover topic, not me :wink:


Yes I did.


Wild turkey with chicks in my back yard.


Talk about dangerous pets. That looks prehistorically frightening. Do you ever walk out there in shorts and barefoot when you are sticky and spill seeds on yourselfor have an insect on you? I think you would fare better as a pitbull owner without any dog handling experience.
The scene would be morbid if you had a heart attack or fainted from sun stroke while gardening out there with no one else around.


Lol. I thought this was Michele as I started to read it, lol.

Nice cocks in the yard.


Honest to God Dan, this place has potential. Very amusing. To answer the BIG A, I always wear protection when I spill my seed in the yard.