I will never forget that clip.


LOL! Nor should you. A salute to the good old days of BBAD. I hope it stays.

“You inbred . . . inbred”!


Language, bbaders!!!
We call these people “chicken lovers”, not the nasty f-word.


I really think that clip is the height of cinematic excellence. One doesn’t quibble about rude words when encountering such genius.


True art.


Today I visitied a friend’s farm, tempted by the chickens.
Now, a few beers later, I am listening to this chicken abomination of poultrygeist.

These chickens ain’t cool,
these chickens ain’t nice…


Ah, so you WERE tempted by the chickens


tak tak tak tak, taktarrrak.

You started the chicken-lover topic, not me :wink:


Yes I did.