I have lost 6 kilos since coming to Colombia from Canada less than two weeks ago. I credit this. Changua. It is Colombian eggs and milk soup. I have it for breakfast every day. It is not particularly tasty but it’s not bad and it fills me right up on very few calories.

Have you tried a chontaduro yet? I’ve heard they don’t taste very good.

Your breakfast looks healthy and disgusting to me. Is it warm i assume?

I still haven’t seen any chontaduro here but I’ll keep my eyes out. You’re right about my breakfast. It’s very healthy and, while I think disgusting is too strong, it’s not appetizing. It’s warm. I need to lose another 4 kilos and then I can go back to real food.

I agree with Dan. It looks disgusting.

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Sorry couldn’t find any here. Couldn’t pick you up with the luck detector. I did go out very late night/early morning but ended up walking past the bar with the cumbia/reggaeton night to get a steak dinner with no alcohol. Just NY not an a lo pobre. Sorry just wasn’t authentic. Danger is very real for me though.

I agree! It’s so very good to see you.

Don’t be shy! I Am not going to hurt you with my words unless you ask again.

Cleaned it up here. I’m aware of changes that occur due to the eating exclusively and repetitively of anything.