My orange cat.


Your cat climbs your tree? I’ve actually encountered a lot of people this year talking about how their cat climbs their tree. Lola never did that when she was alive. She used to just park herself at the bottom of the tree and pretty much stay there until January. We miss the old girl.

PS: Your cat looks like one of the ornaments. lol.

He just climbed it the one time.

This lady has quite a youtube channel. I think they live in Russia, but I’m not sure.

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She is actually close to 12 million.

I’ve been working on a cats playing chess puzzle since January 1st. I’d say I’ve spent about 30 hours on it. I’ll probably frame it when it’s done. It’s 1000 pieces, but the most challenging parts are the shadows.

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you? lol that cat is doing most of the work!

Ugh. One of the other cats messed up one of the borders.

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Have you ever considered needle-threading?

This cat just looks evil doesn’t it lol.

lol. That cat doesn’t look evil, it looks like it stuck its paw in the power outlet. Or it just woke up and is having a bad hair day.

Oh, lol I thought it was static electricity but I was referring to that cats eyes, Reg.

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Does your cat hide in the dishwasher often, Dan?

He has a couple of times.

I hope you check the dishwasher before starting it.

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