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Hellooo Bbad
Hope all is well with everyone, I’m doing okay, recently travelled for the first time in nearly 2 years and been on 6 planes in 2 weeks, hate flying but was great to be travelling again. See attached some amazing pics of the Barrier reef, taken from a very small plane, I was green and don’t know how I avoided vomiting over the pilot.

@Jules, amazing photos! Smart to keep travel domestic these days. International travel is still gross due to lingering covid restrictions, at least in the countries I’m interested in.

Things are looking good lately, though. Domestic travel is actually pleasant these days.

Catch up when you can.

I am waiting for my passport book to arrive. Age 33 and 43. I might go to Norway next year. I’m afraid I’ll like it.


It’s full of Norse people. You should be safe.

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Oh domestic travel is so NOT pleasant in Aussie yet! It took me 30 hours to get to Perth , waiting at the gate and flight cancelled as the Captain tested positive before the flight. Flights are hectic, chaotic and busy as hell.

I so miss saying hi to Will, be around 20 years counting Park Bench. Hope his wife is doing okay, are you keeping in touch with her Reg?

Hey Nick, Hope you’re doing okay. I watch lots of Nordic Noir TV drama, they do it so well … possibly because that’s the most exciting thing to do in winter.

Well over 20 years. Late 90s to 2021. I’m not keeping in touch. The wife and daughter had discord after Will’s death, presumably over money but I’m not sure. I want no part of it.

Whether you like it or not, you are going to get a part of it if you keep reading this. Their discord was not over money. It was over his personal belongings, like artwork.

Our artwork here adds up to less than $300. It’s mostly jack vetrianno and Michael Parkes. It would be funny if anyone fought over it lol.

So it was about valuables or money, same,same … Will would have hated that

actually, mybignancy belonged to the
“i hope my relatives fight over my shit when i am dead” club
but thank you, captain obvious

Yeah, Will hated a lot.