Because I thought Apple was about to go under like most everyone else. Bill Gates stepped in personally with a $100 million dollar investment that saved Apple from bankruptcy.

Ya had to look at from a realistic standpoint I suppose.

I always though, no risk, no reward.

I’m terrible with stocks. I have never made significant money from a stock. I do much better having a broker handle it, as you said. I don’t even look at my balances very often. I dislike the stress.

I’m just playing in an app. It’s much like gambling from home. You just have to keep up with the latest news on that stock to know when to buy and sell.

1996…What was your life then, Reg?

Did you have the data center then?

No, I was working in medical software, doing 5 meetings a day, and wading through the suffocating bureaucracy that is professional medicine.

Is that what you went to college for?

Medical field?

No college for that. My college education was and is useless. Non-mainframe computers were young in the 80s and 90s and most people in the field back then (including me) just learned as we went along. I despised medical software and opened the data center in an effort to improve my lifestyle only to learn I hated that even more. The last few years (from Dec 2015 on) is the first time I’ve really loved my life.

Wow! That’s a lot lot of years to go through in an unhappy state of mind.

Did Trumps run make you happy? lol

I’m teasing lol don’t shoot me

I didn’t hate it when I was in it. I just know now how much better life can be.

Trump’s run made me happy when he announced it as I was convinced he’d lose.

Now I hope to find happiness in his impeachment and imprisonment. :slight_smile:

Awww, that’s special! You may find yourself in another state if dissatisfaction soon lol

Ok I’m sorry. I do know it can and probably will go both ways

I’m going to ride it till it changes :drooling_face:

Yes, quite possible. I have been wrong at every single stage of Trump’s ascent. I might be wrong again this time. It’s nice that we’ll know much more in 8 weeks, and then again when Mueller reports. Not much suspense this time.

Not on the Muelker side there won’t be