What about the gyroscopic neck stabilzer and eyepiece? You can probably just glue a headband to camera mount and get the same effect. You know that eye acan fall out if you kneel or squat down to read that gauge. Tech has to be really cheap for you to use it. I don’t mean cost cheap so somebody like me can afford it, I mean it has to be overly expensive and cheap and lacking in true function for it to beusebale by you.

That is why tech is a turn off for me. Because you lke it too.

You do the same thing. Listoff a bunch of features and post a photo you can’t even see or define the details out yourself. This works, that works, this works too all of this works for me and I use them. You don’t have this tech and this should ispire you to get it.

But tech is only as good and functional as you are, so you don’t really own any good tech personally do you? Do you know how you make others feel about tech? You probably still sit on Santa’s lap which you probably do fit. And you fit due to the tech!

And don’t call me fat. Santa Claus has big powerful thighs and big thick belly you know all too well by reclining back on them oh so close that you feel like an extra fat on his body with your jiggly eye testifying his belly laugh. And you fit, despite your projected twice the size appearance, little pelvis, and handful buttocks disintegrating like ice cream does when it gets peed on. Yes you don’t want people to know when the tech works in your hands it is because yourhands are in Santa’s. You feel it too much driving and most of all what just eats you up inside…
you can’t even buy a vibrator that you can use unassisted at any skill level or works better than the real thing!

What do you do for weight loss while driving? Where do you keep that fish sauce brownie body soap that is your soft man body drop off…the cupholder? somewhere inthe console? do you put it over the air freshner vents to save face and appearance? Where is it in the car the trunk? Under the dashboard?

What’s going on with surgery? Have they set a date?

I’m not going to do the skin graft surgery. It’s almost healed. Another 2-3 months and I’ll be able to go swimming again.

Good news, Reg. Happy to hear this.

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Don’t have one of these? I won’t be surprised if those aircaps get stolen off your car within a week after you install them like a set of dice. Really how much do you know about cars just by sitting in 1 or 2 of them? DOes information transfer to you from the seat or you just feel so connected and comfy? Do you really understand the difference of gear ratio when it realtes to an axle or transmission? Try looking at a really old cutaway design or even opening up one at a junk yard and lookng at it. Can you do any math related to it? What formulas do you use? Centripetal acceleration, torque? See that air guage? I bought it at a shop I used to dump my own used oil at. I changed oil dozens of times on dozens of vehicles. This is on a garage floor or road or driveway or even backyard dirt with a piece of cardboard. Not just that I have removed entire engines sometiems by myself with hoist. Sometimes to clear room for a transmission. I have even removed transmission from under a vehicle on dirt and rocks with just ramps…sometimes with help sometimes alone!
When you talk about anything don’t act like you own the entire industry of it and there is no understanding past your knowledge. Often times I don’t have a bit of understanding or memory and have to reference things all over just because idiots like you don’t do the actual work and just want to look the part. Or you mention the newset innovations and engineering always impying its coming too fast and I have no deeper understanding of it. What mental faculties and resources do you leave me?

Here look at this and realize you die by simply trying to fully understand it and use it.
Oh look at my onboard computer I’m installing. Just learning the memory functions and how to mutliply with percents. I don’t have a brain lol.

That question is off topic. Will you be driving to your surgery or do you have tramsportaion arrangements? Does the hosptial provide a shuttle? Can you wear a seat belt or slide in across seats? Will youneed a van with wheelchair lift? Do youown a butt cushion and have you purchased adult diapers and towels for the seats?

I doubt these tire pressure monitors are marketable items for thieves. And yes, I have a tire pressure gauge but that’s a pain in the rear end to use compared to glancing at a readout.

Nobody cares about being off topic here.

Are you two driving a car down there?

No, Mark, I don’t own a car in Colombia for many reasons, not the least of which is that they drive like lunatics here. Taxis and ride-shares are everywhere and are remarkably inexpensive, so there’s little motivation to buy a car. There’s also an excellent metro system, easily as clean and modern as any in North America.

I don’t agree with this at all. Porsche and audi are not reliable at all, but if they break down after 2 years, their owners will just buy another one. They would never buy a Honda or Toyota because of the snob appeal of their german cars. So if they are only asking their owners, of course they are going to have a good rating. Same with BMW.

At this point I’m going for what I would buy…


I do realize Hyundai is the worst of those, but I have 130000 miles, have done very little maintenance and it cost 26000, new.

I noticed renault and Peugeot did not make the list.

This reliability is for the 1st 3 years lol. I hope my car would last longer than 3 years. I’m not sure you could find more expensive parts than Porsche.

Consumer reports is a US publication and those marques aren’t sold in the US. I like both, myself. Quite stylish, and their reliability is well regarded here in Colombia.

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Nissan has so many cars available now, to help with getting some advertising on the road. You can sign up for nissan switch. It’s not cheap, but you could drive a different nissan every day. And you won’t have to worry about the transmission dying since it’s not your car.

Interesting idea but you’re right. It isn’t cheap.

I used to have one of those small Nissan pickup trucks. Very reliable and held it’s value. My son had a Mazda pickup that he drove for years before it finally died.