Does Socialism lead to Communism?

It’s hard to believe anything Reg says so I’m thankful I googled it.

This is an opinion in a letter to the editor.

lol. Michele, this isn’t even an opinion. Canada’s last major step into socialism was universal medicare on July 1, 1968. That was 51 years ago. Since then, our economy has been incredibly solid, we have less debt and less deficit per capita than the US, and our economic growth has been exceptional. No further steps towards full communism have been taken.

Do note: I am of the opinion that tech will force ALL nations, including the US, to take steps towards communism in the future. Tech is simply going to replace most jobs that we do. In the next 20 years, a million drivers in the US are going to lose their jobs to tech and they’re not all going to go become programmers. And even if they could, what are we doing to do when computers program themselves better than we can?

Our world is changing and our economic system is going to have to change with it.

It always pays to check Micheles sources. I’m surprised she doesn’t do it herself. It would save her some humiliation.

I’ve given up on that one. She doesn’t seem to mind.

I hand picked that Quora opinion.

Yes, but you present it as fact. You should put a disclaimer on it. i.e. - “This is an opinion from somebody”.

It would also help if she read it. There were about a half dozen opinions given in her Quora link. All said no, socialism does not lead to communism.

The ridiculous letter to the editor in the Daily Herald link opined that socialism does lead to communism.

Sigh Well, at least she gave a source, as lame as it is. She will eat any slop presented to her if it supports her furher.

Interesting. Did you come up with that all by yourself because the Bible describes the end times world in a similar way.

I presented it as a Quora piece. Anyone who knows this source knows it’s just an opinion. I didn’t recall Reg offering me a fact-based article when I asked him about it.

In fairness, I posted one article supporting Regs’ view. One supporting mine.

The thing I found interesting in the Quora peace is that the author did seem to reject Socialism, making his opinion moot.

Only a radically charged Leftist would find a way to link this discussion with Trump, who has nothing to do with it.

I came up with that myself, although many others are of the same opinion. I am unaware of the Bible making any such predictions, and I am unimpressed by vague wording describing turmoil which some Christians equate with the modern world.

You seem frustrated.

Nope. I’m getting used to you just dropping wild nonsense in hopes of making your points.

Good because I’m very used to you twisting my words.

Can’t we all just get along?

We haven’t for 20 years. Why start now?

Yeah, I guess you’re right. Next?

Who are you?

I would add that we can’t even be Facebook friends because he keeps provoking me to unfriend him.

I think if someone were provoking me to unfriend them I would oblige.