Can't make a link like I used to

When I try to add in a url sometimes it just doesn’t show up like it did before. Even when I use the chain link icon, sometimes it is just a plain old line of text. Other times the link shows up a lot longer then what was cut and pasted.

Give me an example, Mark.

look at my last posts where i tried.

That post to Churchill? It linked fine. You’re going to have to explain your problem better if you want me to help you. What are you trying to link and how are your results different from what you expected?

They are just showing up as text and not fancy with a preview. Not even a different color.

I see. The software tries to generate a preview when you link, assuming your link is the only thing on that line. If it fails, it just shows the text as you said.

Yes if i use the link button it shows it longer sometimes.

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See same link.

Right. I don’t know why those aren’t being previewed. I know the software tries to generate a preview but sometimes fails.

That doesn’t show my purchase information right?

No it doesn’t.

I just copy and paste the address that’s in the search bar.

Can’t make a link like I used to - Admin - Forums

That’s what I just did.

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You aren’t a psychiatrist are you?