first we see if we can

I will be under full quarantine both Christmas and New Year. Seems like an appropriate end to 2020.

just to get terms straight
this is from some dictionary
give (someone) a permanent post, especially as a teacher or professor.

“I had recently been tenured and then promoted to full professor”

I know. It is a common word. I was responding to your strange change of name to newyears. I often stray from the putative topic.

i know a little about tenure
my father began as a teacher, then advanced to an administrator in a school district.
my mother was a teacher.
i have two sisters that are teachers.
i have taught, but i would never be so proud as to call myself a teacher.
i have read news stories about outspoken college professors that couldn’t be fired.
let’s discuss the pros and cons of tenure.

Tenure goes against the modern practice of destroying people entirely if they say things that go against currently accepted thinking. Modern society is as closed minded as the Romans who imprisoned Galileo.

i think
and it’s just my humble opinion
that the contradictions inherent is a system of tenure can be succinctly stated:
good teachers are hard to find
bad teachers are hard to fire

jeez reg you’ve been replying for ten minutes
didn’t you know what you wanted to say when you sat down?

at the risk of reg rendering what i think redundant
for instance, if a teacher says-
america was founded at a time when owning slaves was accepted,
and that will echo for a long time
well then a teacher can say that.
even if it isn’t popular.

It’s more complex than that.

If you challenge preconceived notions in university these days, how you are received will be totally dependent on whether the topic is among the sacred and unquestionable holy writ of modern society.

If you think the Spartans got a raw deal in history and they weren’t as savage as the Athenians said, that is not against the holy writ so your ideas will be considered with interest.

If you suggest that races might actually be different and some races may be stupider than others, you will have violated the holy writ and they will try to burn you as surely as the good people of Salem burned their witches.

I started replying, but then the cat wanted to be chased which was more important, so I took a break to do that.

if you say america was founded by space aliens
well, then, a teacher can say that, too.

If you say America was founded by space aliens, you will probably no longer be considered for the head of your department but nobody will try to take away your tenure.

If you say transgenderism is a mental illness and should be treated as such, you will be put on administrative leave and pressured to give up your tenure. You will certainly never teach a classroom again.

i believe i anticipated that point with my comment earlier that i can read the newspapers

be as trivial as you want

that’s an issue for you, isn’t it?

Not at all. I think society has this one wrong, but I think society has many things wrong. One of my closest friends is transgender. He seems stuck halfway but I don’t know of course. I don’t ask him about it and he doesn’t offer me any information. It’s not something we feel the need to talk about.

before reg injected emotional issues of transgenderism, we were talking about tenure.
something reg obviously hasn’t thought about as much as sex-changes.
i have an EXTREME example of the pitfalls of tenure.
i wonder if anyone else has one.
that hasn’t been ripped from the tabloids.
and LINKS POSTED here.
something personal.
i will pause here for responses before i post mine.

Bill, if you have something to say, say it. This extended verbal drum roll isn’t necessary.

does it seem that way to you?
or does someone have a gun to your head, forcing you to read?

as i was saying before i was so rudely interrupted by someone who wanted to spout about any thing, the subject is tenure.
post a link, i don’t care
just something that isn’t reboiled pasta