Business model

you set it up as a place where people can type whatever they want
then you decide “nah, not really”
let them type, i say
it makes them easier to find

fuck you

These scenes provide a stark contrast to what the nation witnessed from police mere months ago, during the Black Lives Matter protests: Peaceful demonstrators tear-gassed and pinned to the ground. People who were standing still shown the full force of state violence.

Thank Biden for guiding you in that observation. Dismissing the recorded and staged lead up the stairs plays into your brainwashed idea that white boys were treated with kid gloves. Did they ever find Jake?


BBAD has been an interesting journey for me. You’re right, I set it up sixteen years ago with the intention of allowing unlimited free speech.

I learned that unlimited free speech results first in outrageous speech, then devolves to stupid speech, and soon devolves further to screaming. Eventually, unlimited free speech results in no speech, because the screamers drown the speakers out, and the speakers just give up. You have tried going down that path a couple of times here.

I used to think free speech was sacred, and I considered my duty as its guardian to be equally sacred. I now realize that was a lot of nonsense and I don’t give a shit at all about anyone’s free speech and will impede it for my own convenience whenever I feel like it (which thankfully is rare).

EDITED TO ADD: Your title is badly chosen although I won’t edit it. Wouldn’t want to trigger anything. This is not a business. It has no revenue, nor does it have any reasonable hope of ever generating revenue. It’s a hobby. Nothing more.

as much as you seem to hate the chinese you sure swallow their propaganda.

You mean the way you bought that story that we didn’t go to the moon?

look, we both know you’re stupid. no need to belabor the point

Deflect much?

i was talking about twitter and facebook
what are you on about?

It doesn’t matter what you are talking about. It only matters what Reg thinks about it.

“Video footage captured him threatening to beat a woman.”

Don’t you want to reply to my post?

yup they got him:

what advertiser in his right mind would pass on the opportunity to sell stuff to three people?
what’s that?
ten people?
reggie says ten people
some people say it’s the biggest crowd in history

A deceptive one.