I had let my medical marijuana card expire and now I am having to jump through hoops to get a new one. Pain in the ass. Of course every step along the way someone has their hand out.

I’m surprised at that. Florida votes Trump but I still thought it would be legal there by now.

Oh it has been for awhile. You still need a license. I had one but I let it lapse. Now I must run the gauntlet again.

Sorry, I meant legal as in “go to the store and give them money and they give you some pot” like it is here. I see no point to the additional paperwork. Might be sound to ask for ID to make sure the person is over 18 but nothing more than that.

in denver i got an oz for 120
in maine with a paper it’s 200
rec is 400

What’s rec?

recreational walk in off the street prove you are 21 wear a mask

It’ll be tough for the legal stuff to gain a foothold with that price difference.

I know it’s ridiculous.

In Colorado, the price went down after the 3rd year.

It’s a pity we don’t live in Colorado. :mask: