I love reflecting on great moments in time and this is always an excellent time of year to do just that. Starting with this oldie. A true love fest. You can tell there is a very special and deep bond between these two. :grimacing:

That is a horrific way to represent our country. Aligning us with them. Almost as horrific as the aligning of Obama with Biden, but foreign.

This is so cute!

You didn’t like my song Michele?

Which one? You overwhelmed us with 3.

You didn’t like any of them?

I didn’t really pay attention to any of them.

Your loss.

Well gee, let me see if I can get back in. You might have to ask permission for me sometimes I’m not allowed in.

You are right. My loss.

I did not get the approval I seek after I got the approval. Talk to Reg. If I get in that thread it be because he let me in.