Just breathe! And don’t make it dirty in your flawed mind. Baby steps. I am patient because I know it takes time to restore a child’s heart to its original form. You do the same. We need to evolve together. This happens when you love from a pure place. You suck the oxygen from a sealed room. Leaving the world speechless.

Nice video and obviously she can breathe. But when people say they can’t breathe during arrests they may not understand what is going on. It is like a victim of a snake, a constrictor. The death is not caused by suffocation. But there is a deprivation of oxygen amongst several other things going on.

Here is one article that kind of explains it.

I experience not being able to breathe sometimes when I tie my shoes after a heavy meal. Well at least I have to hold my breath and often pressurize myself to support my abdomen and internal organs. But it is a lot of pressure and it is cutting something off.

The blood is toxic after this after you let up the choke, squeeze, pressure etc… so victims will still die even if breathing is restored. Another article that explains one more facet, but I am looking for one that shows how it forces the vein to shut down, from the pressure. I can create similar pressure from holding my breath.

Oh no, it’s there arterial pressure goes down and venous pressure goes up and circulation stops and blood circulation fails. This deprives the brain of oxygen although there may be airflow, as air goes into the lungs first to be distributed in the blood.

Also this makes the blood toxic like I said earlier. This toxicity caused by the constriction and pressure might be dismissed as drugs by the coroner who simply “found toxins in the blood”.

Do you have anxiety attacks, Mark?

You should probably seek counseling. Start here.

No, I have geometric breathing for that. Variable geometry.

You can’t just call out “I’m not getting oxygen through my blood”.
Seems pretty easy. Put pressure on somebody, induce the crush syndrome and toxify the blood, let the person up like all is fine and routine, have the coroner verify toxins were found in the blood, blame the death on something like wine and a pre existing heart condition.

It’s not the airway, it’s the liver.

Maybe the kidneys too.

Field amputation. Sounds painful. I wouldn’t want to be amputated.

Why? Is that where blame goes? Into wine? You should probably do an in depth study on where blame goes because I don’t think wine absorbs blame very well but idk. I’m not expert on the subject. It may be that the heart can absorb some. It probably depends on the size of the heart but that involves math and as you well know, I’m empty.

I don’t see how deaths like this could be prevented with normal use of force.

Do you do back walking Michele?

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