Boom - gone

Thinking about a road trip to Colorado.

Oh my!! I wanna go!

You were just here 3 minutes ago.

Déjà vu!

Why do you keep doing that to me?

relax will ya?

I am relaxed.

We would have to have bodyguards . . .lol


No doubt

So is your son driving you out there?

No, just me. Have to have my mechanic check my truck first. It’s pretty strong though. Well maintained.

You are entirely to old to be driving that far by yourself.

Gee thanks.

Lolololololol sorry.

Well if you can make it this far, we can take my car Nd I’ll drive you.

I want to go to Boulder.


Lol sorry. It’s that picky 10 letter thing.

You probably wanna go to some hell-hole fracking site.