Black Lives Matter

Career Suicide 101. He’s 65 and has made whatever money he’s going to make. Let him live out his remaining years anonymously in a white suburb pursuing his hobbies. That actually sounds like it might be fun. lol.

Funny you should say that. I just saw something just like that on Telegram.

One on one lol.

Here they are in their gang-like environment.

Just started watching The Wire. Not bad. 20+ years old.

bitter old man and a split infinitive to boot
literate well-read 8 year old liar that i am,
I think I would have typed: “to die out quickly”.
? but that’s just mE

I just recently typed that I wouldn’t engage with your nitpicking my wording, and I’m already breaking that rule in the honest hope of educating you a bit about English, something you would clearly benefit from. Split infinitives are perfectly acceptable in modern English, Bill. I will continue to happily split them (see what I did there?) as I see fit.

“The hard line formerly taken against the split infinitive has softened of late, and most modern usage guides say it’s all right to split an infinitive in the interest of clarity. Since clarity is the usual reason for splitting, this advice means merely that you can split them whenever you need to.”

i’m feeling kinda ignored right now
where did i put that button?

Try looking next to your lazy and board button.

:point_up:t2: hahaha! I spelled bored wrong.

This is sicky sweet but I love it.

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Interesting. The guy who stabbed Derek Chauvin is white.

Don’t be trying to disguise him as white lol. I think he’s Mexican. Did you find a photo of him? I Googled. No photo there but I did find the article on his past crimes. Racketeering and conspiracy. He was also an FBI informant and a mean person, imo, so I think he is a lot of things but white isn’t one of them. He was set to be released from prison in 2 years but he may die there now.

Michele, John Turscak is not a Mexican name.

I’m finding too many different pictures of him to be confident in any one, so I won’t post any.