While I’m quibbling, I clearly hear “some rich men came and raped the land, nobody caught 'em”. Plural not singular.

Jesus-people movement came into existence in the 1960s and curiuosly had a Hippie mindset of actually not buying but selling everything to follows Jeshua. Sadly enough many If not most of them went back to their houses after the hippie wave died down (2nd awakening?)
Just as the anti tech hippie movement largely came down on the side of technology (silicon valley)

Racism is so wrong.
You don’t have to be a racist.
You can be ice cream.
And never have to think about it.

Sometimes being cold is just being cold because you are cold and it is just being you.

Be ice cream? I must admit, no thought required and at times, I suspect you may not have time to think with your busy cooking schedule but to become “ice cream” seems a little weird and even nonsensical. I’m surprised Billy hasn’t jumped on it but then again, Billy probably relates to ice cream a little more than most.

There has even been anti-Semitism without Jews, in states like Malaysia whose political leaders are paranoid demagogues looking for a scapegoat. This is enough to demonstrate that anti-Semitism is not a mere prejudice like any other: Sinhalese who don’t like Tamils, or Hutu who regard Tutsi as “cockroaches,” do not accuse their despised neighbors of harboring a plan—or of possessing the ability—to bring off a secret world government

that is from hitchens

Antisemitism might be my favorite word in the world. It is certainly among the stupidest. The overwhelming majority of people who use it have no idea what a semite is. I wrote this on my personal website many years ago:


the majority of people who use “antisemite” don’t care what a semite is?
they mean nazi!
do you know what a nazi is.

you are pedantic
a dirty quibbler
and some other stuff
involving your mother

how restrained you are tonight

Anger subsides as acceptance emerges.

He’s such a goof!

i remember my first beer

what is the carbon pawprint of a new car?
what is the carbon pawprint of listening real hard?
i pity the fool that thought redlining pawprint was a good idea
but then i suufeer agnts

Running right through you, trying to escape. We’re all getting an image.

Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., tweeted that “people of color are 4X more likely to be arrested for cannabis possession than White people despite equal usage. They’re also more likely to receive longer & harsher sentences.”
reg uses harsh sentences
ipso facto qLED
he is a racist
of the systemic sort

Maybe, but it is unlikely I’ll ever be arrested for cannabis possession.

why didn’t you smoke it?
my interest dangles…
you shoulda smoked it
fuck your shudders of disgust
weeds were created to be smoked

Disgusting. Vile.

reg is of the devil