Bavaria's new mandatory cross rule

Well, this surprises me.

It’s all about the merging of church and state. Nationalism + religion, what could be better. It’s worldwide now. Coming soon - Fascism.

Yes and no. Europe has long forsaken god. The EU has done away with god in their constitutions. People are having kind of a superficial faith if any.
Now, just like in the book of Jeremia, strangers are invading that have a true faith in “their god” (islam) as a result.
Then in panic, they are building up a statue (cross), so people might bow down in front of it.

Its not true religion though. If it was, they’d let christian parents build their own schools or do homeschooling instead of taking their children.

The whole campaign is phony like the party demanding it.

But one might add that DW is a disgusting lefty, almost anti-German atheist channel, just for the record.

" Catholic German Bishop’s Conference, who warned the state government about misappropriating the cross."

Didn’t Catholic officials lately say something like “it is okay to be gay”, thereby completely neglecting biblical teachings? So, they shouldn’t complain when the state of Bavaria is misusing their symbols, too.

This also technically means the crosses could be very small — as long as they’re in the foyer and are visible.

Oh boy. If I worked in such a place, I’d put up a metal iron cross that is so f*cking big, hahaha, just to completely overdo it. It’d barely fit into the building, hahaha.

At least they are not going with the flow by making it mandotory to put gay and gender paraphernalia up, you have to give em that.

Do it right, Bavaria, outlaw abortions and allow Christian parents f*cking home schooling!
…instead of this Kindergarden behaviour.

Daniel, the book of Jeremiah was written a thousand years before Islam came into existence.

Okay, I am trying to reply to a reply for the first time.

The important point is, they aren’t trying to live up to YHWHs standards, but merely putting up a stupid sign.

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I drank too much tonight. Nothing horrible, just three glasses of wine. It is too much for me these days. I used to be able to drink two bottles in one sitting. Now I can only drink 2 glasses.

Maybe islam is just right for you. Drinking nothing.
Or you have to EAT more.
Well, I can relate to that. Whenever I start to drink wine, I cannot stop, do stupid things, and be completely wasted and useless the day after.

Perfect time to learn German “with the worst of YT Germany”

The problem is I drink almost nothing. If I drank 3 times a week, I could handle it. Instead I drink a glass of wine a week when I’m in Canada and none when I’m in Colombia, so I really don’t get used to it at all.

Anyway, it’s morning and I feel fine, thank whatever God happens to be in charge at the moment.

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I agree with this, but that ship has sailed in Europe. Home schooling is a jailable crime there.

might come back, though. In England and France it is known and allowed.
In eastern Europe it is largely unknown, but AFAIK not banned.
In Germany/Belgium etc. more and more muslims seem to begin uprising and you have the constant demand of Christian families. Could backfire though to even more drastic counter measures “to ensure democratic values”/ “for children’s rights” la di dah. I’ll try to be helpful and supportive, regardless of the group in question. I know my position on this VERY well.

The bloody Scandis will throw you in prison if you try it.

Oh, I don’t know about their situation as I have few interest in Skandinavia. Is it that bad there? I know Sweden has some legislations (e.g. written permission to sleep with your wife, enforced gender neutral schooling) that are mind-bogling.

The fight is on
- and I am freedomrider -
kind of.

You know what, Reg.
Finally a position I can fight for a common interest regardless of race and religion, even appearing as a neutral person who just have the same goal, maybe able to build bridges. That is a great feeling. A feeling of being into it without compromise.
I am thankful to god for this!

Terrible to watch.
There is a group in Germany (tax deductable, yeah!) called Septre e.V.
They are engaging in wonderful, creative resistance (they are mainly non-religious un-schoolers and globe-trotters)

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I was curious about what Scripture you are referring to in Jeramiah. I ask because I didnt know Islam was in the Bible at all and I believe they do have a strong conviction of faith. Also, who are those who demand crosses be in place? It’s so strange that in a place where most don’t worship God, crosses are required to be placed everywhere and in a country where God is worshipped, it is required the 10 Commandments be removed from public view.

Strange. This is happening to me now. I used to easily put down 12 or more beers nightly. Now after 3 I am done drinking. The desire is there to drink but not the capacity. Not sure what to make of it.