Assange will not be extradited to the US! For now. The US is appealing.

Mexico says they will grant him asylum. There’s a bail hearing soon.

I hope this is true. Assange is a hero.

I just read this article. So much packs into it I had to comment.

Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson, an Icelandic citizen and former WikiLeaks volunteer who became an FBI informant for $5,000, has admitted to Icelandic newspaper Stundin that he fabricated important parts of the accusations in the indictment.

I think this is huge. The photo of him with Assange at the top of the page really surprised me. I was expecting something different I suppose. A strong looking business man. Tall and dark. This guy looks like a little tubby white kid. For Assange, I’m thankful he admitted the truth.

However, he now reportedly claims that the file in question can’t exactly be considered “stolen” since it was assumed to have been distributed and leaked by whistleblowers inside the bank and many people online were attempting to decrypt it at the time.

This is where I part ways with this jerks opinion. He wants to use this to keep from being held fully accountable.

  • That’s because it allegedly contained information about defaulted loans provided by Icelandic Landsbanki, the fall of which in 2008 led to a major economic crisis in the country.*

The housing bust. I’m going to have to Google Islandic Landsbanki but I do think this is a really interesting piece of information to have.

Thordarson also provided the publication with chat logs from his time volunteering for WikiLeaks in 2010 and 2011, showing his frequent requests for hackers to either attack or get information from Icelandic entities and websites. But, according to Stundin, none of the logs show that Thordarson was asked to do that by anyone inside WikiLeaks.

I would be interested in knowing if this was true.

What they do show, according to the newspaper, are constant attempts by the organization’s volunteer to inflate his position, describing himself as chief of staff or head of communications.

Good grief! He looks inflated enough. Disgusting.

In 2012, WikiLeaks filed criminal charges against Thordarson over embezzlement and financial fraud. He was later sentenced for both in Iceland.

This liar deserves the electric chair for all he has caused Assange to go through.

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This is incredible. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. The US (and world) media’s lack of coverage of this is a conspiracy.

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Apparently some guy named Jon Gruden. Ever helpful. :slight_smile:

It would be embarrassing to learn that the key witness against Assange is a known pathological liar, an alleged financial fraud and deemed a sociopath by a court-ordered physiological evaluation. :popcorn:

Not to mention a homosexual child molester.

I can believe he’s a homosexual deviant but child molester? He offered money for sex with a 17 year old when he was 18.

She noted “sex crimes against 9 underage boys, one of whom killed himself”. I don’t know the details but I would be surprised if all of them were 17 while he was 18.

Lol. He just got fired. Called the president a nervous pussy. Called the commissioner a faggot. Criticized the commissioner for pressuring owners to sign queers.

Hardly seems worth being fired over. Although, if I did that I’d be fired. My job is more important than his. What is this moron supposed to do besides coach football?

He called the commissioner a clueless antifootball pussy. He might be right about that. The commissioner’s job is to bend over for the fans and he does it quite well.

Looks like he is resigning. Rather than getting fired. This guy is pretty dumb to think his emails wouldn’t go public.

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Another setback for Assange. He messed with the machine, and the machine is now destroying him.

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judges are reassured by us promises to give assange the recently vacated cell of epstein