Arsonist Untraceable

Where is my privilege?

You exercise your privilege to flaunt your blind ignorant adoration of trump on a daily basis here.

What privileges have you lost?

Did they trespass you from Winstar?

They trespassed me from Winstar.

On what grounds?

Mental stress. Apparently, my privilege has been limited to one thread.

I didn’t change anything. The system sometimes does strange things. It sends out little awards for instance.

That’s interesting because as I recall, my privilege was mysteriously limited after I changed the title from the thread marked “Trump” to “President Trump.”

I think you’re right Michele. Reg is plotting against you.

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It’s true. The system once sent me a check for $47.

Cash it quickly. The system gives and then the system takes.

Arsonists use CRISPS to start fires

Technology isn’t the only thing evolving.