Argentina deserves its own topic. And what better story to being with than Milei threatening to pee on the governors there.

Does their inflation still suck?

Why do they suck at women’s soccer?

Yes. Totally insane inflation. Out of control.

South Americans really aren’t into women’s soccer.

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What if they let the men that aren’t good enough to make the national team play on the women’s team?

That’s coming. Give it a few years.

You should take a hard look at American inflation.

As if real men actually want to play on the same team with a bunch of girls lol.

Argentina’s inflation rate is 254%. The current US inflation rate is 3%.

That’s what I thought.

I’m not sure that’s really true though. Millions of people from South America have migrated to America so their inflation rates are going down and ours are going up considering they are not required to work for food.

You have 3.4 million South Americans in the USA in total. Almost all your Latino immigration is from Mexico, which is not South America. I do not know what makes you think they don’t have to work for food, but I assume someone posted that on a lunatic conspiracy theory telegram channel and you believed it to be true.

Those are legals who have been here since the sixties. That’s not what I’m talking about.

Latino refers to all of Latin America, South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. But you are partially right. Almost all of our legal migrants are from Mexico.
Those coming across our border now are criminals who are being paroled here from South American prisons. Military-aged men, who haven’t paid their debt to society in their own country, are being released into the United States of America to live off of our kindness.

I don’t like that. Especially since I know they are just waiting for the word to attack.

New York’s mayor is completely spineless. Instead of standing up and speaking out for what’s right and good for New York he gets bought out by business men better suited for his position of power within the city.

What makes you think that?

That’s 30,000 emergency cases from a few countries, out of millions. None of them are “criminals”.

Michele, do you think this is all a coordinated effort to attack the USA with military-aged Latinos?

I read it. I also posted it but I guess you didn’t read it.

How do you know? Have you read their criminal background? Do you know their history?

I honestly don’t know what it is but I have no reason to think these people want to be friends and we would be fools to let our guard down.