Are "jews" cursed and being lost in a pattern?

Happy Easter hence HAPPY DESTRUCTION of the second Temple!!! (And the resurrection of the third one on the third day, the church)!!!

Back to topic. Reading through history, I recognize a pattern of “jewish” behaviour. I am putting jews in parentesis, because I am talking mainly of a certain part of them. Are they lost in a pattern after losing their temple and their levite priesthood according to Aaron gone forever?

Mat 27:24 onwards:
When Pilate saw that he was getting nowhere, but that instead an uproar was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd. “I am innocent of this man’s blood,” he said. “It is your responsibility!” All the (((people))) answered, “His blood is on us and on our children!” (Curse!)

Sura 59:13 onwards:
Jews fear Arabs more than they fear god. They behave as if they didn’t understand. They aren’t a united front against muslims but prefer to hide in [ivory] towers [with the powers to be]. Their power is great in theory but they are disunited. They are a people without apprehension and they BEHAVE EQUALLY TO THEIR PREDECESSORS. They will be CURSED and thrown into eternal hell fire.

We all know the “weird” callout for “jews” to form the KEY FIGURE of the destruction of European nations:

Let’s sum up Barbara Lerner Spectre’s awkward presentation into 2 key points:

  • ( A ) jews are behind destructive measures against native population e.g. facilitating mass immigration
  • ( B ) jews form a KEY FIGURE being in bed with worldly powers actively engaging in fight against native population
  • ( C ) (not mentioned by Spectre) this pattern is often their own demise

Do you get it? I will present here on this remarkably beautiful free-speech platform examples in history where “jews” performed exactly the same. And the best is: I will back it with main-stream sources. YEAH you heard right, NO INFOWARS involved :wink:

  1. Book of Ester
    at least (B) check positive
    Source: bible

  2. Medina/ Yathrib:
    (A)+(B)+© check positive

  • Michael Celler’s Koran study book tells about the background of Sura 59 (page 319 onwards):
    “jews” possibly invited Mohammed to Medina/ Yathrib to back them in their ruling power against pagan Arab native tribes and to establish a “convivencia” (supressive Multi-culturalism) of Arabs and “jews”.
  • After “jews” recognized they couldn’t use Mohammed as a “tool” like in the book of Ester, they tried to apply destructive force to discredit Mohammed. This failed however.
  • After Mohammed’s muslim clan grew stronger after converting many Arabs, they fought the “jews” of Medina, of the Oasis of Khaybar until total annihilation under Omar 1st’s califate.
  1. Moorish invasion of Andalusia (Spain):
    (A)+(B)+© check positive.
    Sephardic “jews” played a key role to “invite” muslim rulers to reign in Cordoba and to establish a “convivencia” over almost all of Spain for centuries. Sources that back this theory:
  • Arte’s (EU state TV) pro jew pro muslim anti-christian documentention “Juden und Muslime” AFAIK in chapter 1/4
  • Jose Esparza’s “Gran aventura del reino de Asturias” audiobook describes in more detail and much less positive the brutal subjection AFAIK chapter 2/60.

This pattern seems to repeat itself in medieval Europe and bolshevist Russia (A+B+C)