Arab Racism

Technically, the anger partially stems from the event the night before.

Alcohol and Xanax were contributing factors.

The US south is such an interesting sounding place. Alcohol, guns, prescription drugs, and a culture of confrontation. What could go wrong?

Just about everything that is going wrong.

Add a depressed economy and a desperate desire to blame someone and I’m surprised it’s not far worse.

What does that mean? A desperate desire to blame someone?

Your last president, the one you adore, based his entire campaign on “it’s someone else’s fault, damn Mexicans, damn Chinese, damn bureaucrats”. My side is just as bad. “Damn RWNJs, damn billionaires, damn Russians, Putin this, Putin that”.

I rather wish you’d just have your civil war and get it over with but my new business is just getting off the ground so if you could hold off for a few years I’d appreciate it.

Are you saying it’s no ones fault? Did JFK kill himself? Did those buildings just accidentally fall in a neat little pile on 9/11? Was the Holocaust a tragic event or a lucrative American business? There is someone to blame and Trump revealed to us who that is. Not one person but so many people we can’t possibly compete with their power.

That’s a weird thing for you to say when you have always been against war of any kind and while it would explain the spike in gun sales, imo, while we are having a war of sorts, we are not going to have a civil war.

Congratulations, Reg. I pray it is a great success for you.