Arab Racism

As I grow older, I have less and less time for the Arab world. Islam is stupid, and their culture is generally savage and racist. If they want us to take them seriously, they have to start acting like adults.

Painting one’s face and having side roles in a movie is racism now? I don’t see any outrageousness. I hope they are aware that “film actors” putting on masquerades and make-up all the time
…and not all can play the role of the muslim hero :wink:

In the bible it states that Cham shall be a servant (until through the messianic kingdom). Many times muslims appear to know Christian scripture better than many of those “Christians” themselves.

but thanks for the reminder. A German “more profound” muslim outlet promised a “battle of badr” reenacting somewhere on the web for Ramadan 18 and I had almost missed it…

found it.
I just hope it doesn’t contain any blackfaced actors in minor roles…for everyone’s sake.

They know scripture because they memorize it. That’s a false knowledge of the Truth. Because, like every other thing, memory fades.
In the New Covenant, Scripture is written on the circumcised heart. You know it because the Spirit of Christ gives you remembrance. It is through an actual relationship. But it is only given through the belief that He is the Son of God, that He died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the 3rd day. This life-giving gift is free to anyone who is willing to stand before man and confess Jesus as Lord.

At least the guy on the left plays a major role in their re-enactment…or else SJWs would nuke em.

so this arab dieing of thirst is stumbling through the desert
he come upon a jewish vendor of neckties in the middle of the sahara
he begs him for some water
the jew says sorry i only got neckties, really nice neckties, wanna buy one?
the arab threatens to burn the neckties if the jew won’t give him water
the jew says i only got ties, but you can get water at a nice place about a mile that way
the jew points the way
the arab laughs and burns the entire stock of neckties out of spite, and stumbles off
arab comes stumbling back a few hours later
jew says what’s the matter, didn’t the place have water?
arab says the place had plenty of water, but they require a tie

i also invented sheets and pillow cases
wanna buy one?

Tongue through his neck would suffice.

or at least keep a straight face while doing so

Aside from the justified criticism of racism pointed out here, I want to add that to me, neither blackfacening (or white-, red-, yellow- etc. facening), nor cultural appropriation (no matter from which Race/ethnicity or culture) per se is racism. The motivation and intended message behind it is relevant.

yes i like to compare it to kids being taught by their parents that picking their nose is ok and how it can be funny to shoot little balls of snot at people

sooner or later those kids will grow up and might see how their taught entertainment is initially yucky and can affect others that werent raised that way;)

In your country, do people, standing outside your house scream, fight and act like maniacs?

yes although it seems less than before there have been demonstrations and riots going on for a while now

At least they are fighting for something. People around here yell and scream to yell and scream. In anger, I bitch slapped my daughter-in-law because of it and I can justify it in my head all day. The same people who broke the mirror say I was wrong.

i think if you can justify violence there is something wrong in your head and you need help to fix that

then again wrong/right, justified/silly actions… what matters is what people do afterwards; live and learn

That is the strange thing about it. I’m not a violent person.

Well if I reflect on what happened afterwards, I must acknowledge that a mirror was broken.
Hubby woke up with two flats. Don’t ask me how that happened. No one knows for certain.

You bitch slapped your daughter-in-law and someone broke your mirror in response?

The events took place 24 hours apart. The mirror was broken tonight.

But the breaking of the mirror was in response to your bitch slapping your DIL?

No it was broken because the person used too much force on the door when he opened it or closed it. I’m not really sure what broke it. I didn’t see it happen. I just know a drunk angry person did it.