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That was the straw that broke the camel’s back on my Lenovo desktop. I’m on a Lenovo tablet now. Apparently a driver update killed the screen. It has had screen blackout issues for years now and warranty is expired.

Looking for an iMac desktop under 700 or a laptop. Some don’t specify if they have dedicated memory on the graphics card. I don’t know much about iMac and they have some desktops readily available at 299.

Walmart and Amazon have a good selection any recommendation?

I don’t know anything about Apple, Mark. I’m into Chromebooks lately. You might want to take a look at those if you don’t need printing or apps. Just remember they’re only good for web apps.

Don’t know too much about Apple either that’s why I want to buy inexpensive at first just to learn and know what I want better. I might be getting another apt so I don’t know how comfortable I feel with a desktop and apple is costly on the laptops. What I can afford is small like 11.6 display but had a years of service guarantee just need to know how minimal I can go for realistic and tolerable function.

Mark is sane when he wants to be. The whole insanity thing is just an act isn’t it? Having a little sport with us?

Well, if money is tight I don’t think Apple is a good path to go down. To each their own, however. You can get a great Chromebook with an IPS screen for less than $300. Often a lot less.

I definitely need printing. Reconsidering windows so I can learn office esp email sending in bulk. I can’t use outlook or whatever the program is. Maybe it won’t make a difference as far as work. But windows computers are cheaper.
I seen these but can’t see the warranty option anymore. They have 2 ,3,4 year plans.

Walmart sells refurbished with 4 years for 45 dollars
This is 2009 but only 299.00
I would go maybe a higher but a few hundred for performance. But I am looking for something to learn on.

But more practical for me would be a windows laptop I can load with office programs to learn and apply.

I love Windows. Linux on the desktop is primitive and Apple makes me think of PhD graduates working at Starbucks. 2009 is way too old, though.

I think a windows laptop is going to be the choice. Apple is a dream I’ll put off until I build up office knowledge and zero balance one credit card.

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That’s a wise choice. I have made the effort to move my whole life to web apps and that has been a huge success for me. Now that I’ve customized things like SSH in Chrome Extensions, it’s far better than it ever was as a standalone app. Web apps are definitely not for everyone, though, and if you need to print or scan, Chromebooks won’t work for you.

Do you have anything used for sale?

This is what I got arriving the first. I got the 4 year protection plan and nothing else. Sorry no apple. They offered adobe and Microsoft 365 and Norton but I declined all 3. I will add as I go along, there are other off programs and processing spreadsheet etc., Will probably try to just take as much Microsoft as I can.

I hope I can install iTunes without a problem and it doesn’t lock up, seize, and reject my iPhone.

I think I will dig up my old shuffle and load it with language tutorials.

Hopefully it gets here fine and doesn’t kill too big of a dream. A refurbished iMac is something I still want.

I suspect an iPhone is all the realistic and tolerable function you need. You can put it in your pocket and take it with you everywhere you go.

I thought the same thing after I read the post above. If he keeps talking like that I’m going to have to be serious and do required work.

Yeah, it’s all been a game.

I prefer games. Makes work fun fun.

Me? No, and even if I did, I am in Colombia, not California.

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