Just upgraded to Android 12 on my Pixel. So far it’s a total downgrade. It’s uglier and the smart controls are gone from the power screen. I can no longer just press the power button and unlock the door or turn on the lights. It’s not a disaster as those controls are still available if I swipe down from the top and click “Smart Controls” but it was easier before. I much preferred Android 11.

I would recommend you change to an iPhone but apple just notified iPhone users, a few months ago, that they were scanning our devices for child sexual abuse images. Obviously, that shouldn’t be a problem for you but the point is, Apple is spying on its users. You would be trading one irritating problem for another. Good luck with your upgrade. Hopefully you can tweak your Android and resolve the issue.

with android 13 you can press a single button and label madrassas as boarding schools
another button makes them well-run

They’ve all been spying on us for so long that I have become desensitized. I doubt Apple is spying any more than Google is.

Isn’t that the purpose? To desensitize us to their presence in our business?

No, their purpose is to first own us and then enslave us. Desensitizing us is just a step on that path.