An Aryan Religion? Doors open to Aldebaran?

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RIght on, community!
Seems as if my posts are of high demand. So I keep on posting interesting stuff like this masterpiece of relaxation music. I hope you folks are alt right with this.

Aryan, Israelite, Hyperborean, Atlantic, Aldebaranian, European Masterrace,… whatever you wanna call me, I am the living proof.
Maximum Vril-force, brothers!

That one is out of character for you. It is unpleasant, but it is not your usual homoerotic thrash music.

PS: Did you know Thomas Hardy wrote of Aldebaran many times in the 1800s? I used to love his stuff, depressing though most of it was. He didn’t believe in happy endings, that guy.

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I did not know. But I dont like to read too much depressing stuff. I need rising, fantastic experiences. Listening to HAC rambling had been enough depressing for my taste.

I notice, your music doesn’t offer much passion but the words seem to carry a message.