American-Bavarian History X

OK, since @satan already touched the topic in :kissing_heart: @Gundi 's thread
and I have got some spare minutes today, let us dive deeper into the topic of

Bavaria in WWII - history in Danielvision

and whether iamalreadyunique’s postings hold stand to historic facts.

So, the question here is

American invasion of Bavaria in WW2 - (possible) objectives’ asessment

  • Objective 1: capture scientists
  • result: formally accomplished (on paper)
  • details: America got a hold of several scientists like Wernher von Braun and Einstein and some technology that supposedly has been used later to land on the moon.
  • however: little known fact is that according to books like “Deutscher Raumflug ab 1934” (German space travel from 1934 onwards), scientists like Dr. Stoll point out that there have been space-ships and travelling going on in the 3rd Reich, e.g. travelling to planet Pluto with Nicola Tesla, that make the supposed moon landing years after pretty laughable

(not an original picture, but a mock-up demonstrator. Original pics are top secret)

Possible abroad secret German space-travel bases are said to have been located in

  • Villa Winter, Fuerteventura, Spain
  • Neuschwabenland, Antarctica

possible objective #2 & #2b: Conquer Bavaria (and getting hold of Czar furniture)

possible objective #3: free the camps

  • result: (((accomplished))) - sort of
  • details: You freed the camps and now the inmates control your media and terrorize Palestinians in the mid-east. Well done, Americans, well done…to me this is like Joe Biden all over again

possible objective #4 & #4b: finding and stealing the Bernsteinzimmer and the “goldene Luger”

  • result #4: I honestly don’t know where the Bernsteinzimmer is. Might be the Russians who likely took it. Thank You Americans for fighting on the side of godless communists. Now the Germanic Czar’s Bernsteinzimmer has likely been brought to Ivan like Crimea.
  • result #4b: A mystery! Nobody has ever seen the original any more after WW2. Please post below if you - the reader - have any hint about its fate.

    Afaik only replicas exist any more.
    And “the original golden Luger” is object to many pranks on Youtube. So, the American messed up this objective once again

“Prank” Luger, e.g.:

probably in swiss banks or the vatican bank where most of the nazi gold ended up

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