Ambulance ticketed for parking violation

Do you agree with the police officer?


I can’t believe an on duty police officer is allowed to wear a Los Angeles Dodgers hat.

I disagree with this, assuming there was one emt in the ambulance.

Ok. He is not a police officer. I think guess that gives him the right to dress unprofessionally.

hmmmm…were the vehicles idling? It seemed everyone was just barely above the choking/vomit level and the food and drink was pushing it. That was awfully close to the storefront.

I’m surprised she didn’t have enough water. Some emts pull 30 hours straight here, which seems insane for someone on the road. Might have had to piss.

I disagree with the out of uniform whatever he is.

I agree with both of you. Silly.

I have more to say.

Say it.

The front wiper blades of the ambulance farthest back were moving from the start of the video. No other vehicle has the wipers moving. I don’t see any visible rain drops or lubrication on the window from wiper fluid. That man arguing walks around the back of the ambulance and later it is unclear if he gets into the front seat, but someone does. The wipers seem to have been shut off before that. Seems rather forgetful or unaware.

If you look at the space the rear ambulance pulls out of, you will notice it is painted with the symbol for handicap parking.
I have more to say.

In the audio the female admits her colleague was in a handicapped space. The warden points out her vehicle is on the double yellow. 7 in the morning to “now” at 3 in the afternoon are times mentioned. I did not see the cars picking up school children but I did see a small boy walking on the sidewalk. The ambulance is not flashing its lights or using its sirens. It is not a school bus though still very hard to see around. Traffic is restricted to one narrow lane and I do not know if it is two way or one way. No hazard lights flashing. If not idling the start up even with cng or other still will be directed at sidewalk and storefront even if vertical exhaust.

I can still say more.

The traffic warden does not seem motivated by greed or seeing the ambulance solely as a source of revenue. The unseen man recording calling him an idiot seems more preoccupied with getting free food if the ambulance gets a call. I wonder if they actually would leave immediately or wait for a minute or longer for the food. The food and water seemed too much on the mind of the female. Also they both seem drawn to the ash tray, both the warden and emt with neither shown giving in to a cigarette. The traffic warden seems genuine in his motivations with legitimate concerns, not seeking revenue, able to hold off on cigarettes and not preoccupied with food. A cooler with prepared food and drinks should be kept in the ambulance, it is too much of a temptation to wait for food or lag in response.

I think everyone helped each other out to be better people.

I think all ambulances should have caterers on board.

I don’t think I can say anymore. Bad habits and backsliding are there in subtlety for everyone, it is good to keep one another from this and that helps keep one another good by doing so.

Actually I found some relevant audio! Wht country is that? I noticed the police officer is wearing a Los Angeles Dodgers hat? Did she order a pasty and some haggis? If the latter it would be the sheep’s pluck (heart, liver, and lungs) that would issue with the USDA on the ban on one of those ingredients, applies cross culturally.

Here is the audio, good looking (and listening) Dan by the way at 1:30

This would be the third lung issue apart from the sand ash tray on top of the trash can and its location, the exhaust of the vehicles and proximity to storefront. I assume you could not smoke around around the trash can and wear to put your cigarette out only instead of flicking it on the street before stepping on the sidewalk.

Ugh. Disgusting. The Scots eat the most disgusting things.

Notably, the US ban doesn’t just target haggis. While often painted as a “haggis ban,” the USDA rule also bans traditional lung-containing dishes from a variety of cultures, including those common to China, Nepal, and several European countries.

The rule does permit the use of lungs in pet food, where they’re often found on ingredient lists.

You just seem to keep getting it wrong Reggie. Not just the answers but the actual riddle.