Age is just a number. And prison is just a place

I just had a dispute on FB. I am interested in what you all think of this. Someone posted this photo to huge approval.

I responded with this.

I am pretty much alone with this opinion in that FB group. What’s your take?

The instant I saw the pic I knew the story. I thought your response was well put and I agree with what you said. You were kinder than I would have been.

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The fascinating thing is that effectively nobody agrees with me there. I begin to think the expat groups on FB are full of aspiring pedophiles.

No doubt, that must have given you a feeling of isolation from the rest of the Facebook world. However, I doubt they disagreed with you as much as you think. It is highly probably that they all found this photo repulsive. More than likely they were just expressing their belief that these 2 should be given support for their bizarre choice to be together. After all, age is just a number.

And prison is just a place.

I woke up to find my comment deleted. I guess this guy’s behaviour is a matter of personal liberty but my commenting on it is not.

She doesn’t look underage.

Interestingly enough, MSM is making a big fuzz about the other way round these days.
It almost seems as if they are promoting really everything (gay, elderly women with young men, trans freaks, muslim polygamy) BUT the traditional family of a man able to provide for his wife and a young, fruitful, descend, monogam wife.

So, with all this freak show going on, one should be able to spam anyone with tons of freak images who is nagging just because of a “quite sanely looking” photo like the one posted by the Latrina loving friend…

BTW: the chickens are coming home to roost…too much “enforced equality” sometimes doesn’t quite end up in equal oportunities…

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Welcome to the “comments-being-deleted” right-wing fringe side of life. I am sure you’ll enjoy it just like me :wink:


Come on, this man is pretty good looking for his age, almost like some hollywood star I forgot the name of. No wrinkles whatsoever. The photo looks damn sane to me in this age of gender freaks.

BTW: Fat?!? Dude, THIS is fat:

THIS is fat:

Also, THIS is fat…

Also here…cup size B-C at least

More chubby gifs


Boy, I love animated GIF bling-bling with chubbies


BBAD GIF bacon paradise


They are probably pedos if they deleted your comment. Even if someone disagreed with it, they wouldn’t really be angry unless they were pedo and they were angry if they deleted it.

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No she doesn’t, which is why I called him a minor league pedophile. I hope he never reaches the majors.

Given that you judged me badly for once talking low about a group of old (german) men living in cheap Asian countries like Thailand and buying themselves a young, obedient cause poor Thai as a wife/girlfriend, I don’t buy your sudden morality on that issue. For this you also talked way too often low about love and marriage, equalizing the latter even to prostitution, just a more expensive one. Didn’t you view both as a mere contract, where each get‘s what they want? And how old was that desperate Fernie when you flew her in from her parents house to fulfill your minor league pedophilia fantasy? You really aren‘t in a position to judge this filth of a man.

Don‘t get me wrong, I hope you did indeed change. I just don‘t buy it.

A German man who moves to Thailand to get away from the sick western world is simply sensible. If he marries a girl 50 years his junior, he’s a minor league pedophile.

And yes, marriage in the western world is a meaningless institution. We’ve gone from “til death do us part” to “til I no longer feel like it, at which point I will take half your money”.

And you will never accept that I or any other man has improved with age because you are bitter and hate men.

Nice to see you posting things other than music. Servus!

Weird. No one acknoledged my contribution to the discussion. THE MAN IS NEITHER OLD NOR FAT, he is a classy guy in his best years…he is even wearing a supposedly expensive analogue wrist watch!!! Incredible in times of smart phones!!!

Seems as if you folks need more healthy-weight GIFs…