A list of my demands

  1. Choice of type faces (regular, bold, italic).

  2. Sound effects so when MIchele kisses trumps ass or the nazi wants to talk about shirt colors I
    can let a good fart rip. (choice of effects - blast, ripple, adjustable pitch) Barnyard animal

  3. My next demand will be released within a week



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And I, in turn, would like earbuds and a 3 second warning.

That was over a month ago.

Btw, that is not a demand. It’s an announcement of a demand yet to be posted and doubtfully ever realized. Just sayin’

MyBigMoon and his clichees once again.
Not everyone in favor of tight leadership in search for a strong homogenious nation, wearing his shirts in a certain favorite uniform color and who is turned on by marches in lockstep is a 𝔑𝔞𝔷𝔦 dude. That’s stereotyping…

Michele you are really having to reach back eh? April 14. You have pulled a boner (and not the first I suspect). You swat at a gnat while an elephant sits on your lap. The biggest problem with my post is the fact that I misspelled the title of the thread. You didn’t catch that. Number 3 was a demand warning demanding that my future demand be heard. I’m sorry but I have bigger fish to fry than a months old misunderstanding of the rules of demands.

I was just reading and happened on it.

If I pull a boner it will involve cheese whiz and your truck.

What elephant?

I’m sorry. :pleading_face:I didn’t want to embarrass you over trivial mistakes.

I’m sorry. :pleading_face: I was just entertaining myself with your petty mistakes.


No need to be sorry. We are all here to help each other.

Not what I expect to hear coming from your mouth but it’s your game.

Yes. It is.


Reg is a funny guy.

I have a feeling you are upset.

I’ve been busy. I do have a life beyond BBAD.