A Caveman In The Digital Age

Even I, The Great and Powerful Will, know that there is no longer a reasonable expectation of privacy. I think most of us accept that and go about our lives. Every once in a while, in small ways, it pokes you. Angie and I were talking about that tonight. Your browsing history is a good example. Suppose I am curious to know (hypothetically), how to choke a moose to death. I jump on the internet and probably find a video on youtube. The problem is the next day, in front of my house lies a dead moose. A victim of strangulation the moose coroner says. Start an inquiry! My neighbor (who I suspect) cries out "Will probably did it, he’s an asshole!) and the cops seize my computer and the obvious happens. The point is, that in our lives, we see or hear about things we don’t understand and hesitate to learn about them because we don’t want a dead moose to show up on our lawn.

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So right. Watch what you google. And if you do google how to emigrate to Afghanistan and join ISIS, be aware that the NSA knows you googled that and you probably tripped some algorithms that alerted them to start paying attention to you.

Yep. lol